MPHMUSIC was set up by media composer Mike Harrison. The aim of mphmusic is to provide music for any media application; whether it be films, television programmes, websites, art installations or theatre/dance productions. I also compose in a wide variety of genres: from electroacoustic to classical guitar and from world to filmic music.

Composer Biography

I have always had a passion for music, ever since learning classical guitar at school. This instrument still features in much of my music and I play at grade 7 standard. I won the music prize at high school, I went on to study A-level Music Technology at college, where I gained knowledge of recording techniques as well as refining my composing skills.

After A-levels, I left home for sunny Scarborough to study a BA in Creative Music Technology, where I was introduced to writing music to the moving picture as well as composing for dance. It was here that I discovered my talent and passion for scoring pictures and electroacoustic music.

I then studied a 2 year Diploma in Media Composition. Under the tuition of world renowned award-winning composers Guy Michelmore and Richard Attree, I learnt the skills and techniques required as a modern media composer, gaining experience of writing to animation, films, adverts, computer games and natural history/factual documentaries.

Since gaining these qualifications I have worked as a freelance composer, based in South West Scotland, writing music for independent filmmakers and producers (see Credits page).